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Component Translated Untranslated Untranslated words Checks Suggestions Comments
OCR Application This translation does not yet exist. LGPL-2.1 0% 4 34
Tesseract OCR Application - Data Files This component is linked to the XWiki Contrib/OCR Application repository. This translation does not yet exist. LGPL-2.1 0% 102 141
Tesseract OCR Application - UI This component is linked to the XWiki Contrib/OCR Application repository. This translation does not yet exist. LGPL-2.1 0% 39 212
Polls Application LGPL-2.1
Page Relations Application LGPL-2.1
Application Discussion - Message Stream Properties This component is linked to the XWiki Contrib/Application Discussions - Discussions Macro - Page Properties repository. LGPL-2.1
Blog.Translations LGPL-2.1
Forum Application LGPL-2.1 4
Templates Application LGPL-2.1
LDAP Application LGPL-2.1

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Project maintainers User avatar evalica User avatar caubin User avatar vmassol User avatar ClemensRobbenhaar User avatar acotiuga User avatar tmortagne User avatar slauriere User avatar enygma User avatar atallahade User avatar mleduc User avatar gdelhumeau
Translation process
  • Translations can be made directly.
  • Translation suggestions can be made.
  • Any authenticated user can contribute.
  • The translation uses monolingual files.
  • The translation base language is editable.
Translation license GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1 only
Source code repository
Repository branch master
Last remote commit Merge pull request #43 from xwikiorgci/weblate-xwiki-contrib-file-manager-application 824e4db
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Weblate repository
Filemask ui/src/main/resources/FileManagerCode/Translations.*.xml
Monolingual base language file ui/src/main/resources/FileManagerCode/Translations.xml
Translation file ui/src/main/resources/FileManagerCode/
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XWiki Contrib / File Manager ApplicationFrench

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XWiki Contrib / File Manager ApplicationFrench

Committed changes 2 years ago
There are no files yet
Il n'y a pas deactuellement aucun fichiers
2 years ago
No recent downloads
Pas deAucun téléchargements récents
2 years ago
The maximum number of files to list.
Le nombre maximum de fichiers à lister.
2 years ago
Lists the files that have been recently uploaded through the File Manager.
Liste les fichiers qui ont été récemment ajoutés via le Gestionnaire de Fichier.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Building package...
Création du paquet...
2 years ago
{0} more ...
{0} autre(s)...
2 years ago
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