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1 Here you can find all rules on translations for all applications and languages.
3 = Rules pages =
5 The first rule is about where to put the rules :) As mentioned above this page is about rules that apply on everything, if you have rules that make sense only for a specific application you will find the proper page on the ##<Application Name>.TranslationRules## page. The other context is the language, you will find this one on the page named ##<Application Name>.TranslationRules_<Language Code>##.
7 To make it more clear, here are some examples:
9 * [[L10N.TranslationRules>>L10N.TranslationRules]]: apply to all application translations and for all languages
10 * [[L10N.TranslationRules_de>>L10N.TranslationRules_de]]: apply to all application translations for the German language
11 * [[L10N.TranslationRules_fr>>L10N.TranslationRules_fr]]: guide pour la traduction en fran├žais
12 * [[L10N.TranslationRules_lv>>L10N.TranslationRules_lv]]: apply to all application translations for the Latvian language
13 * [[XE.TranslationRules>>XE.TranslationRules]]: apply to all languages for the XE application
14 * [[XE.TranslationRules_ro>>XE.TranslationRules_ro]]: apply to the Romanian language for the XE application
16 = Language Code =
18 The language code is the standard format used in JAVA which means [[<Language Code>>>]][_[[<COUNTRY CODE>>>]]].
20 For example for ##fr## locale we use image:Flags@fr.png with name ##fr.png##.
22 Note that most of the time there is no official language flag so we always have to choose a country flag and sometime it's obviously not easy. What we say is that the variant language associated to a simple language code is the one we use as default variant. For example here ##fr## is French from France (##fr_FR##) and if we want a Belgim variant then we can create a ##fr_BE## language code.
24 = Language Flags =
26 You can modify or add a languages flags on the [[Locale Flags page>>L10N.Flags]]
28 = Language Names =
30 You can modify or add language pretty names on the [[Locale Names page>>L10N.LocaleTranslations]].

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