Document to list flags. You can find and edit locale names on LocaleTranslations

Attach here flag for each language with ISO locale code as file name and in png format. This is to automatically find the proper flag corresponding to a locale code.

See Language Code reference to know how to find the proper language code for a language.

For example for fr locale we use fr.png with name fr.png.

You can find more flags icons on (theses are country flags so make sure to rename the files names with the proper language code instead of country code). Please keep the same 16x11 image size if you get your flag from somewhere else and more importantly use images you have the right to use (famfamfam flags are "available for free use for any purpose with no requirement for attribution").

 Language code  Flag  Language name
 ar  ar.png  Arabic
 bg  bg.png  Bulgarian
 ca  ca.png  Catalan
 cs  cs.png  Czech
 da  da.png  Danish
 de  de.png  German
 el  el.png  Greek
 en_GB  en-GB.png  English (U.K.)
 en  en.png  English (U.S.)
 es  es.png  Spanish
 fa  fa.png  Persian
 fr  fr.png  French
 gl  gl.png  Galician
 hi  hi.png  Hindi
 hr  hr.png  Croatian
 hu  hu.png  Hungarian
 id  id.png  Indonesian
 it  it.png  Italian
 ja  ja.png  Japanese
 km  km.png  Cambodian
 kn  kn.png  Kannada
 ko  ko.png  Korean
 lt  lt.png  Lithuanian
 lv  lv.png  Latvian
 mr  mr.png  Marathi
 nl  nl.png  Dutch
 no  no.png  Norwegian
 pl  pl.png  Polish
 pt_BR  pt-BR.png  Brazilian Portuguese
 pt  pt.png  Portuguese
 ro  ro.png  Romanian
 ru  ru.png  Russian
 si  si.png  Sinhalese
 sk  sk.png  Slovak
 sl  sl.png  Slovenian
 sv  sv.png  Swedish
 tr  tr.png  Turkish
 uk  uk.png  Ukrainian
 vi  vi.png  Vietnamese
 zh_TW  zh-TW.png  Traditional Chinese
 zh  zh.png  Simplified Chinese
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