Adding a new language

There are two processes to add a new language, depending on if you want to submit an initial translation file (ApplicationResources) or if you want to start from scratch directly on

Add new language

  1. Create a JIRA issue on to request adding a new language to
  2. Once the team added the new language you can go on and start adding translations. You can either use key by key translation UI or import a whole translation file directly using batch import. Usually for a new language the batch import is used because there is a lot of keys and you will probably want to translate the whole thing and test it before putting it on Note that importing at once so many translations can take a while so don't worry if your browser give you timeout error, the process still continue behind the scene (the UI need to be improved to get a nice progress bar etc.).

Translate and test an ApplicationResources file

For this you need to:

  1. Download the ApplicationResources file in english language. It's here for XE:
  2. Translate it. Beware that you need to use special encoding for non ASCII chars and the file encoding has to be ISO 8859-1. You might want to lookup on the internet for tools to help you out for this, see Native2Ascii for example. To quickly test it you can do the following:
    • name your file based on the language (for example for French)
    • place it into WEB-INF/classes folder
    • change the default language in the General section of your wiki administration

XWiki team only

Once it's committed the team will very probably do the following steps:

  1. Edit (in object mode) the main page of all listed applications
  2. Add to the list of translations the language code at the end of the list of available languages ( ,fr for French).
    The language code is the standard format use in JAVA which mean <language code>_<COUNTRY CODE>.
  3. Save.
  4. [nice to have] Add the corresponding flag on Flags
  5. [nice to have] Add the corresponding pretty name on LocaleTranslations
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