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  • Magic Yang
    Magic Yang, 2010/02/17 20:23

    I found that "zh_TW" was added into new 2.2 package already. But I don't finish my translation yet actually. I have some questions:

    1. I can't find zh_TW in "Supported Languages" on this page

    2. "zh" should be renamed to "Simplify Chinese" and "zh_TW" should be named as "Tranditional Chinese" (With Taiwan's flag) 3. How can I add my temporary translation (in into XWiki deployment for testing before formal distribution? (I can't find any ApplicationResource in XWiki package)

    • Thomas Mortagne
      Thomas Mortagne, 2010/02/18 16:58
      1. "SUPPORTED LANGUAGE" panel is not automatic actually so it's not always up to date, we need to find some time to improve this.
      2. Theses are the technical identifiers used in java, we need to associate pretty names to theses ids some way.
      3. The translation files are located in xwiki-core-<version>.jar package file by default, you can override it by putting your own file in WEB-INF/classes/ folder in XWiki install. You can also put your temporary translation in a translation wiki page which avoid restarting the wiki each time you modify something. See for more.
    • Thomas Mortagne
      Thomas Mortagne, 2010/02/19 11:59

      Note that it's generally better to ask questions on mailing list, we will get answers a lot faster and it's easier to find for someone asking the same question.

  • Magic Yang
    Magic Yang, 2010/02/21 20:13

    Thanks for your remind....I will goto mailing list next time.
     I am new in XWiki and hope that I can contribute something more later...

  • Eraldo Girardi
    Eraldo Girardi, 2010/03/15 10:34

    I created the italian translation page for anyone interested in the italian translation of XWiki. It's merely an initial draft. Please edit, add whenever you can. Link is on the right panel on this page, SUPPORTED LANGUAGES. (

  • tan huynh
    tan huynh, 2010/03/20 04:36

    Dear Andreas Jonsson,

    I want to change Xwiki into Vietnamese language. Can you help me? How to translate ?


  • Joris Dirks
    Joris Dirks, 2010/07/22 12:24

    I'd like a more prominent place on this site for the instructions (

  • marcos antonio do amaral mendes

    Dear good morning, how do I do to send the translation of the language Wxiki portuges Brazil

  • Xavier Richard
    Xavier Richard, 2013/12/16 14:48
    Here are the latest translations that have been contributed.

    Please note : translations listed here are the translations performed through the translation UI (

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