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1 This wiki is used to internationalize all the projects of the [[XWiki Ecosystem>>]] (XWiki Platform, XWiki Rendering, extensions, etc). It is meant to be a collaborative platform where everyone can contribute translations in a given language.
3 This wiki only contain translations, the default language (##en_US##) is maintained by the Core Dev Team (or the extension author for extensions) directly on git (so any correction should be done trough a pull request for it).
5 = Contributing =
7 You can help! To start adding and updating translations, please register, log in and click on the name of the application you would like to help translate in the panel on the left. Since new messages to translate can be added every day, please check regularly whether new messages are left untranslated.
9 See also [[Translation Rules page>>L10N.TranslationRules]] to learn more about rules of the translation for each language.
11 = Found a bug or want to suggest improvements ? =
13 The original keys and translation can't be changed directly in this wiki. Instead, you should report a problem on [[]].
15 Have something to report about this wiki itself? Please do this on [[]].
17 = Latest Translations =
19 Here are the latest translations that have been contributed.
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